When Did We Stop Singing?
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Deb Hensley: Bio

Deb Hensley - cerulianwarbler@gmail.com

Deb Hensley is an artist, singer/songwriter and educator offering workshops in best practices for early childhood education, music and singing.  Deb is the Director of Early Childhood Education with Broadreach Family and Community Services in Belfast, Maine. She holds a degree in Transformative Language Arts and is a member and active force for the TLA Network (www.tlanetwork.org) 

Also a member of the Improvox Improvisational Music Collective, (www.improvox.com) Deb offers vocal concerts and workshops. Projects include women's music with Katey Branch, Brio! with Martin Swinger and Matt Loosigian and solo work. Besides singing she loves playing with paint, hiking, reading, birding, sailing, flying and playing outside along the Maine coast where she lives with her husband Jonathan.