When Did We Stop Singing?
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Deb Hensley: Deb's Music Work

Goddard College Singing Workshop--Powerpoint Presentation - February 28, 2011

Deb presented an improvisational singing workshop at Goddard College in Plainfield VT on February 21st. She explored the parallels between vocal improvisation singing circles and community building with amazing group of singers. A hightlight was looking into the beautiful dark and eyes of M from Egypt who expressed heartfelt gratitude for the music and circle singing we did together that allowed her strong and lovely voice to come forth at last.

Two hours of soul satifsying songful sharing. Thank you Goddard students and teachers! Here is a link to the powerpoint shared at the workshop:


Singing toward Peace - January 10, 2011

Deb spent a morning last week teaching vocal improvisation forms, body rhythms songs and to 14 college students preparing to visit the Middle East on a 3 month peace-builidng abroad program. What a wonderful group! What a way to begin changing the world!

Thank you CELL (Center for Ecological Living and Learning) students for creating an astonishing circle of song...

Keewenaw Bay Indian Nation--here are the song lyrics you asked about - November 21, 2010

Mr. Jingle Mr. Jangle

Mr Jingle Mr. Jangle Mr. Rhythm Mr. Rhyme
I woke up this morning I was feeling fine
I asked my mom and my mom said
You've got the rhythm in your feet!

You've got the rhythm in your (child choice...)

Aye Aie Mo Chi Noomba (African)

(phonetic spelling)
Aye aie mo chee noomba, komaday checkaday mo chee noomba
Aye aie mo chee noomba komady checkaday mo chee noomba
Komaday samba mo chee noomba, Komaday checkaday mo chee noomba
Komaday samba mo chee noomba, Komaday checkaday mo chee noomba

Dig a Duck

(Lift one finger when you hear the word duck!)

Dig a duck dig a duck dig a gooey duck
Dicg a duck dig a gooey duck dig a duck a day

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