why sing?

Music and the Mind: the evidence grows! 

Music and The Mind by Jane Christmas--September 20, 2006

Young children who take music lessons show advanced brain development and improved memory over those children who do not take music lessons. This is the first study to show changes in brain responses over the course of a year of musical training.

The findings by researchers at McMaster University's Institute for Music and the Mind and the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest appear in the October issue of Brain, and are being released today in the…

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High Scope International Registry Conference--circle song forms and lyrics 

Dig a Duck:

Start a steady beat--chant or sing:

Dig a duck/dig a duck/dig a gooey duck/dig a duck/dig a gooey duck/dig a duck a day

1. Lift your first finger when you hear the word duck. 

2. Pair up and link little fingers...lift your hands together when you hear the word duck

3. Link up with another pair and do the same

4. Link fingers with everyone in a circle and lift all hands when you hear the word duck

Consider changing the lyrics to fit your classroom or community...."sing a song...sing a…

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 EMBRACING TWO AESTHETICS FOR SINGING/ Louise M. Pascale, Lesley University Copyright Indiana University Press Fall 2005

 “I entered the Music Workshop course with trepidation. Of all the courses in my Master's program, I feared this one the most. My experiences with music have always been negative ones. As I entered the classroom, memories surfaced of the time I was told to mouth the words so I would not throw the rest of the class off key and when I was laughed off the stage after a friend and I…

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Words and Music are Natural Partners 

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP Science Writer Randolph E. Schmid, Ap Science Writer – Sat Feb 20, 4:35 pm ET SAN DIEGO

– Words and music, such natural partners that it seems obvious they go together. Now science is confirming that those abilities are linked in the brain, a finding that might even lead to better stroke treatments. Studies have found overlap in the brain's processing of language and instrumental music, and new research suggests that intensive musical therapy may help improve speech in stroke…

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Singing Manifesto 

The WHY SING? Manifesto

People have believed too long that singing is a privilege of talented and trained vocalists.

SINGING IS NOT A BUSINESS! SINGING does not BELONG to professionals and recording labels.

SINGING IS BRAIN FOOD. You can’t eat it but it feeds you.

Singing has to be FREE and available to EVERYBODY.

It needs to happen EVERYWHERE because it is a function of the brain and a NEED in the world.

Singing wakes up sleepers, fights war, celebrates Spirit. Singing is for sharing, not hiding. Singing…

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