High Scope International Registry Conference--circle song forms and lyrics

Dig a Duck:

Start a steady beat--chant or sing:

Dig a duck/dig a duck/dig a gooey duck/dig a duck/dig a gooey duck/dig a duck a day

1. Lift your first finger when you hear the word duck. 

2. Pair up and link little fingers...lift your hands together when you hear the word duck

3. Link up with another pair and do the same

4. Link fingers with everyone in a circle and lift all hands when you hear the word duck

Consider changing the lyrics to fit your classroom or community...."sing a song...sing a song...sing a pretty song" or "find a friend, find a friend, find a funny friend..." The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Call and repeat:

Start a steady beat and hold it together. Chose one person to be the leader. Leader offers a simple rhythmic or melodic riff and the group beats or sings it back. Continue this until everyone in the group has had a turn leading.

Call and Response:

Start a steady beat, hold it together. A new leader sings a simple melodic or rhythmic riff to one person in the group. That person sings it back with a slight variation. Repeat until each person gets a chance to respond.

Themed Call and Repeat or Response:

Choose a theme, idea or concept that you are considering as an educational community. See if you can incorporate this theme into your call and response session. For instance if you are learning about turtles you might offer a melodic riff like: "Turtles live in muddy swamps...." and invite everyone to repeat. Keep creating new calls to review what you have discovered about turtles.

If you are transitioning from one part of the day to the next you might offer a call that goes something like: It's almost time...(it's almost time) for us to eat..(for us to eat)...so let's get ready..(so let's get ready)...and find a seat...(and find a seat)...etc etc...

You might be surprised how quickly words will start to rhyme and songs will flow out of you if you let them!

Other song forms and ideas for community building through circle singing: 

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